Reis Report - January 15 2018

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In last week's edition of the Reis Report, I detailed my efforts to curb the explosive growth in entitlement spending in Illinois. To review that information, here is a link to last week's edition of the Reis Report.

This week, I released information on a recent audit of the ALL-KIDS insurance program. This program was started by Rod Blagojevich several years ago. The audit found some disturbing information.

According to the Illinois Auditor General, the State of Illinois spent $38.2 million on the Expanded ALL KIDS program for illegal immigrants in Fiscal Year 2016, bringing the total spent to $396 million over an eight-year period.

If you recall, I am sponsoring legislation that would STOP this practice altogether. My HB 4182 would ban illegal immigrants from receiving welfare benefits in Illinois.

The ALL KIDS program is yet another example of Illinois taxpayers being on the hook for benefits to illegal immigrants. The State of Illinois has spent nearly $400 million of our tax dollars on free health insurance for illegals. That’s just outrageous. Illinois has no business giving welfare benefits to people who are in our state and country illegally.

Identity Theft Seminars in Your Town
I am once again pleased to announce that my office will partner with the IL Attorney General’s office to provide two identity theft seminars coming up next month. These seminars teach you how to protect your identity as well as provide resources for individuals who either fear or know their identity has been compromised. Information on the seminars is located below. More reminders will follow in coming editions of the Reis Report.

Seminar #1
What: Newton Identity Theft Seminar hosted by Representative Reis and the IL Attorney General’s office
When: Wednesday, February 21 @ 10:00 AM
Where: Newton Senior Center, 904 W. Jourdan Street in Newton

Seminar #2
What: Flora Identity Theft Seminar hosted by Representative Reis and the IL Attorney General’s Office
When: Wednesday, February 21 @ 1:30 PM
Where: Heritage Woods of Flora, 1003 W. 4th Street in Flora

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