Reis Organizes Petition Drive to Oppose Taxpayer Funding for Obama Library

OLNEY… State Representative David Reis (R-Ste. Marie) filed House Resolution 627 this week in opposition to the use of taxpayer funds for the Obama Presidential Library in Chicago.

Reis’ resolution makes clear that with a $15 billion backlog of unpaid bills, the State of Illinois cannot afford to spend $100 million from taxpayer funds on this project.

“Speaker Madigan and the Democrats are at it again – hatching a plan to divert $100 million in state road funds to help fund the Obama Presidential Library in Chicago,” Rep. Reis said. “It’s quite unbelievable. We’re going through tough times. Our bills aren’t being paid; a lot of things aren’t being funded. People are upset. Meanwhile, the Chicago Democrats come at us with another Road Fund diversion like this.”

The Chicago Sun-Times and NBC Chicago have reported  that House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) proposed spending $100 million in capital funds for the Obama Presidential Library during a recent legislative leaders meeting. Republicans believe the proposal will take money earmarked for IDOT construction projects to help fund the library’s construction.

“This proposal is bad for two reasons. First, we need to be focusing financially on our roads and bridges. Second of all, the people of Illinois passed a constitutional amendment last year protecting the Road Fund to only be used for transportation issues. Lo and behold, the Speaker crafted his proposal to use the money for roads and access into the Obama Library. Really? We need to be spending our money on roads and bridges throughout Illinois. This is just another bad proposal by the Speaker,” said Reis.

Representative Reis announced that he is leading a petition drive in opposition to this $100 million giveaway of our transportation funds to Chicago. Reis’ petition states that the signers of the petition oppose taking tax dollars away from our communities to help pay for the Obama Library.

“We are going to be circulating petitions throughout the district in opposition to taxpayer funding for this project,” Reis said. “The people of Illinois thought they made their case with House Bill 40. We’re going to put it in writing this time. We’re asking people to sign their opposition to $100 million of our tax dollars going to the Obama Library.”

Persons interested in signing the petition can attain copies by calling Rep. Reis at 618-392-0108 or by visiting

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