State Rep. David Reis was joined by members of the Rolling Thunder motorcycle group, Governor Rauner, and several Republican and Democrat legislators for a special dedication ceremony in the State Capitol on Tuesday. Reis sponsored a Resolution congratulating the Rolling Thunder for their work to expand and promote the "One Empty Chair" program. The display, which has appeared in municipal, county, and state public facilities across the country, was dedicated in the Illinois Capitol this week.
Springfield....State Representative David Reis (R - Willow Hill) received unanimous support for a Resolution he sponsored in the Illinois House this week that honors the Rolling Thunder motorcycle group for their work to bring attention to the issue of American Prisoners of War and soldiers Missing in Action, more commonly referred to as POW/MIA.

Reis sponsored HR 1116 and invited members of the Rolling Thunder to attend legislative session at the Capitol on Tuesday. Reis offered his thanks and congratulations for the Rolling Thunder's effort to expand the POW/MIA National Chair of Honor "One Empty Seat" program, which helps to recognize and honor more than 92,000 American soldiers who have been unaccounted for since World War 1. 

Reis thanked the Illinois Secretary of State's office for their willingness to display the POW/MIA chair in the Capitol in Springfield. The Governor and several legislators, as well as members of the Rolling Thunder were on hand in Springfield for the dedication ceremony.

Rep. David Reis sponsored HR 962 that congratulates the Illinois Farm Bureau on 100 years of service to the State of Illinois. Pictured here (L to R) are  David White of Wayne County Farm Bureau, Rep. Reis, IL Farm Bureau Vice President David Erickson. and Matt Rush of the Wayne County Farm Bureau. Reis presented Farm Bureau President Guebert with a copy of the House Resolution in the House Gallery.