Springfield....On Tuesday, State Rep. David Reis, R-Willow Hill, criticized Democrats on a House budget panel for voting "yes" on the Illinois Department of Corrections budget and then leaving without hearing any of the Republican questions.
“This is 7 or 8 percent of the budget … So many of the things that we do are mandatorily or constitutionally required and yet we had members get up and walk out. They don’t have a clue about this budget. And that should just put this whole process this year in perspective. Vote how the Speaker says and move on,” Reis said.

Rep. Reis was joined on the House floor recently by his pages for the day. The girls helped legislators with delivering messages back and forth on the House floor.
Springfield....State Representative David Reis (R - Willow Hill) joined several of his Republican colleagues in the Illinois House on Memorial Day for a picture to pay tribute to fallen American soldiers. A grateful and free nation is most thankful for those who paid the ultimate price for American freedom.