Rep. Reis Releases Statement on NRI Hearings

At the conclusion of the second day of hearings dedicated to Governor Pat Quinn’s troubled Neighborhood Recovery Initiative (NRI) program, State Representative David Reis (R-Ste. Marie) issued the following statement:

“This weeks hearings were frustrating, but in the end cooler heads prevailed. I believe the lawmakers who sit on this bipartisan, bicameral commission came together in the best interest of Illinois taxpayers. We unanimously agreed that we should avoid doing anything that might impede the federal grand jury investigation into Governor Quinn’s failed NRI program, and agreed to delay further questioning for 90 days.

The commission is now scheduled to reconvene on October 8th to continue its work but the gathering of important and relevant documents will continue. "I remain fully committed to completing our work to determine the full extent of the mismanagement and fraud tied to the NRI program."

Governor Quinn unveiled his failed anti-violence NRI program in the fall of 2010 just weeks before the fall election. The audit revealed the program was hastily implemented and riddled with mismanagement and deficiencies.

"As legislators, our role is to determine how it was possible for this level of mismanagement to take place and to provide additional legislative remedies that will prevent fraud and abuse like this from happening again", Reis said. "We have a duty to the taxpayers of Illinois to ensure that their tax dollars are put to good use and not wasted on disingenuous purposes.”

Reis, a member of the twelve member Legislative Audit Commission, said documents relating to the scathing audit and subsequent hearings can be found online at:

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