89 WLS: Former Quinn aide subpoenaed to testify on so-called 'slush fund'

(CHICAGO) A subpoena has been unanimously approved by the legislative audit commission in the case of the controversial anti-violence program that has Governor Pat Quinn on the spot.

Barbara Shaw is the former Quinn aide who’s been subpoenaed to testify to what she knows about what the Republicans call a slush fund to buy votes for the governor in the 2010 election.

Many others are being invited to testify and Democrats on the commission are pushing to get it all over sooner than later, what with the election coming.

But downstate Republican David Reis countered with this. “Some are saying we’re being political here. It’s just as political saying we don’t want to get all the answers. We’re not gonna sweep this under the rug. This is almost Blagojevich-esque.”

Story by 89 WLS Reporter Bill Cameron
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