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Illinois Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti made a stop in Carmi Thursday to tour the Elastic Corp home office.  She was joined by State Representative David Reis as she continued her three day swing through Southern Illinois discussing business and educational issues. She also made stops at the CEO class in Mt Carmel and Fram Filtration in Albion.

Representative Reis, is pictured here with officials of Olney Central College. OCC held an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony for its new Collision Repair Technology Center on Aug. 17.
Springfield....State Representative David Reis took the floor of the Illinois House of Representatives on Tuesday to call on Speaker Michael Madigan to allow a vote on a bill that would release funding for various school construction projects across the state. Below is a video of Rep. Reis' remarks as well as a link to media coverage of the speech.

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Springfield….State Rep. David Reis (R – Willow Hill) has signed on as a sponsor of a House Resolution that calls for an investigation into Planned Parenthood. Reis says the Resolution is in direct response to an investigative video that was recently released showing Planned Parenthood executives engaging in price-per-part negotiations for the sale of body parts and tissue from aborted fetuses.

“What we’ve seen in these videos is sickening,” Reis said. “It’s a shame that we have reached a point in our society where human life is so undervalued. It’s beyond reprehensible that tax payer dollars are used to provide abortion services. However, in light of the fact that Planned Parenthood receives more than half a billion dollars in federal tax dollars to perform abortions, we must get a handle on this. An investigation into Planned Parenthood is necessary to ensure that this organization is not profiting from the sale of tissue or body parts of aborted babies.”

HR 671 urges the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Illinois Executive Inspector General, the Illinois Attorney General, and the Illinois Department of Revenue to investigate Planned Parenthood’s procedures for abortions, obtaining informed consent, and the sale or donation of human fetal tissue across the State of Illinois. 


Fr. Robert Zwilling recently traveled to Springfield to give the invocation before the start of the House of Representatives Session in Springfield.  Fr. Zwilling, originally from the Stringtown area most recently presided over St. Theresa parish in Salem, IL and now presides over St. Mary's Catholic Church in Mt. Carmel, IL.  (L-R) Rep. David Reis (R-Ste. Marie), Fr. Robert Zwilling, Rep. John Cavaletto (R-Salem)

Rep. Reis is pictured here with WWII Veteran Julius Reis. 

Julius was honored July 3rd in a Quilts for Valor Ceremony at Burgin Manor in Olney. 

Quilts for Valor foundation mission: "Cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing quilts of valor"

Springfield....On Tuesday, State Rep. David Reis, R-Willow Hill, criticized Democrats on a House budget panel for voting "yes" on the Illinois Department of Corrections budget and then leaving without hearing any of the Republican questions.
“This is 7 or 8 percent of the budget … So many of the things that we do are mandatorily or constitutionally required and yet we had members get up and walk out. They don’t have a clue about this budget. And that should just put this whole process this year in perspective. Vote how the Speaker says and move on,” Reis said.